Make B2B sales easier

with a sales-aligned marketing solution that predictably fills your pipeline.

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Reach high-value prospects.

Book qualified sales appointments.

Grow more profitable relationships.

Has your growth plateaued?

  • Is your marketing generating quality leads?
  • Do you have enough sales opportunities?
  • Will you reach your annual revenue goals?

Random acts of sales and marketing will not grow your business to the next level.

You need a system to scale your growth.

Peak Revenue, Continion's intent data solution, is a holistic sales and marketing system built to consistently fill your sales pipeline with qualified prospects.

Engage high-value prospects.

Cut through the noise, become the trusted industry authority, and engage your high-value prospects.

Nurture high-growth accounts.

Increase qualified appointments, close sales faster, and automatically nurture high-growth accounts.

Activate high-volume promoters.

Delight customers, develop a community of advocates and generate referrals that drive continuous growth.

Are you relying on random acts of marketing to drive your revenue goals?

You will limit your business growth without a system to cost-effectively grow customers.
If something doesn’t change, your company could be at risk for:
  • Lost sales productivity
  • Higher cost of sales
  • Wasted marketing budget
  • Shrinking market opportunity
  • Greater risk for disruption
  • Distraction to leadership

Fractional Sales and Marketing — just the way you need it.

Are you tired of random acts of marketing but the cost of adding the right people just isn't in the budget? With Continion, get the expertise you need to engage prospects and customers in each stage of the Relationship Journey.

Flat Monthly Fee

We give you full-service marketing for less than one full-time employee.

Service-level Agreement

Secure additional discounts and get the most out of your marketing efforts over the long run.

We help sales-driven B2B companies transform their growth
with a systematic approach to scale their revenue.

Our industry expertise includes IT Service Providers, Software & Hardware Companies, Managed Service Providers, Business Process Outsourcers, and Value Added Resellers.

We make it easy to accelerate your growth.

B2B companies that align marketing and sales see a 208% increase in revenue.

1. Schedule your growth assessment

We assess your current situation so you know exactly what it will take to achieve your growth goals.

2. Get your growth strategy

We tailor our multi-channel, multi-touchpoint strategy to open up quality sales conversations.

3. See your
sales grow.

We find, attract and help you book the right prospects on your calendar so you have a more consistent pipeline.

Continion accelerated our growth almost immediately.

Their ability to quickly understand our unique business objectives and mold that into an actionable growth strategy is impressive.

Our leadership team thinks about our business in an entirely new way.

Ethan Lauer

Founder & CEO, ImplantBase

Understand the 5 things holding back your growth.

B2B customer growth is complex with large accounts, multiple-decision makers, and customized service models. Without a customer growth system, your business growth eventually stalls. This document will guide you through assessing the five areas limiting your customer growth with a plan to get growing again.