Digital Capabilities for B2B Growth

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Fortune favors the bold

The small business is an act of faith and ambition.
When you enter the digital arena, you dare greatly for a worthy cause—your business.
You must be bold—to do it fast, and to do it right.

B2B Growth is Digital

B2B buyers are increasingly adopting the habits of B2C buyers. They are in more places online—and expect you to be, too. As digital natives move into positions of power in B2B, online research, social decisions, and even ecommerce transactions are becoming the norm in B2B. To grow your business, you need to not only engage your customers digitally but do it well. The bold small business knows that digital is where its future—and increasingly its present—lies. Source: McKinsey & Company

B2B digital leaders win

By investing in a targeted set of digital capabilities and approaches, B2B companies can gain competitive advantage and improve financial performance. Businesses bold enough to invest in digital keep up with buyers' expectations, increase market share, and reap the benefits. Source: McKinsey & Company

Being bold means becoming an intrepid explorer

As you move through this critical growth phase, you need a guide who knows the steep hills and deep valleys—the smooth paths and the pitfalls of the Internet. We at Continion are your guides. We’ve mastered the art (and science) of all things digital and will empower you with the capabilities to accelerate your growth.

Where you want to go, we’ll take you.
Where there is no map, we know the way.

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Bridge the digital chasm

As digitization steadily becomes the main pathway for B2B purchases, the gap separating the small business and digital success is far and wide. We understand that the time it takes to develop the digital capabilities you need to succeed may delay you at a critical moment.
At Continion, we harness the power of the Internet and years of digital growth experience to bridge this gap quickly and reliably, enabling the execution and expansion of your vision.

Digital Capabilities for B2B Growth

Our Digital Growth Management solution bundles the foundational capabilities you need to accelerate growth.

Strategy Management

  • Growth Strategy
  • Customer Research
  • Competitive Research

Digital Experience Management

  • Journey Mapping
  • User Interface Design
  • Platform Development

Content Management

  • Content Strategy
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Content Development

Campaign Management

  • Campaign Design
  • Measurement Strategy
  • Lead Conversion

Harness the power of digital

We deliver digital solutions to drive wealth to small business owners. Our digital transformation capabilities bundle leadership, practices and processes, technology and expert personnel into a KPI-performance-measured solution to rapidly improve your business value and customer engagement.
Capabilities as a Service

Fill Gaps Immediately

Our cost-effective infusion of key capabilities is bundled with strategy, delivered in-person and at no extra charge—a capabilities-as-a-service model.

Monthly Subscription

Access Capabilities Affordably

Our targeted digital capabilities are priced as an affordable monthly subscription. Choose individual capabilities or opt for the full solution.


Measure Results Confidently

Defined by your owner and firm goals, KPI-measured solutions unlock your ability to accelerate unparalleled growth.

Build your roadmap to growth

To understand your vision, we pursue learning—with childlike enthusiasm—as much as we can before we ever put a contract together. The more we know about you, the more we can serve you—and the greater good.

Create Clarity

Our proprietary Conversation2Clarity™ interview process prepares us to clearly and collaboratively define owner mission and firm success.

Move Ahead

Your full Strategic Transformation Plan aligns recommended digital capabilities with your mission—and is delivered before you ever sign a contract.

Enable Growth

Contracted subscription services enable and execute your digital growth strategy based on your Strategic Transformation Plan.

Continion's Digital Growth Management solution accelerated our growth almost immediately. Their ability to quickly understand our business and unique objectives and then help us mold that into an actionable strategy is impressive. Our leadership team thinks about our business in an entirely new way as a result of their process. I'm even more excited about ImplantBase's performance and potential now that Continion is on our team.

- Ethan Lauer

Founder & CEO, ImplantBase

We are what we do

Continion is the mindmeld of seasoned experts from the digital arenas of sales, production, and design—who’ve learned how to DO. For Continion, there is no try. We believe that no company that expects to lead their industry can afford to stay where they are. Someone out there is already copying what you have and endeavoring to make it better.

That’s why we listen differently, consult differently, and think of value differently—in a way that’s designed ultimately to drive your unparalleled success. And while we’ve worked with big brands—among them Disney, 3M, Dell, St. Edward’s University, MattressFIRM, Bazaarvoice and more—we believe small businesses should compete just like the biggest players.

Just as important to what we do and how we do it is our attitude. Our values of Fortitude, Mastery, Synergy, and Service, all centered on Joy, inspire every aspect of our work and are embraced by every member of our team.

Our mission is to be the thing that you never knew existed and
to become the one thing you can't live without.

When you are ready to boldly go,
then Continion is ready to take you.

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